This is still not fixed. Brave loads slowly

Brave browser is still loading web pages so slowly. Not one good solution or answer as to why. Every suggestion to fix it i tried; without fixing the issue. Blaming my PC or internet connection; while other browsers work fine. Brave use to be a good reliable browser, now its awful. Homepage takes long to load, especially when you have it set to a specific page. Youtube, FB, ESPN- popular sites all take long to load. Ive submitted this issue 3 times, no good answer. Are they working on it? Are they aware of this issue? Dot they even care? And i refuse to use Brave’s dashboard as a new tab/homepage because it has no search bar on the page. IS there any solution to fix this issue of slowly loading pages besides me just switching to a new browser? So frustrating

Hello @Doogie22

Thank you for reaching out and I’m sorry to hear you are going through this. Could you please share the following information:

1 - What kind of device and OS do you have?
2 - Have you updated to the latest Brave version?

Additionally, can you try disabling Hardware Acceleration in settings to see if this resolves the issue?

You’ll find this in SettingsAdditional SettingsSystemHardware Acceleration

Let us know if that helps!

NO, it did not help this time, nor the several other times you people told me the same nonsense on what to do. did you not read my initial post. i tried everything… EVERYTHING that was suggested to do.YES… turned off hardware acceleration, YES, updated to latest version( as well as all the other silly things i was told to try… many time with no fix). Are you just gonna keep telling me to try the same things over and over with no results? Its still slow. Time to move on from Brave and to tell others not to use it. Opera and Microsoft Edge will probably be better… they seem to be working just fine,… Its YOUR BROWSER, not “users fault”.

im using Windows 10 on my PC… but that information i gave the last 3 times served NO purpose as i was ignored after

DO you not read what i type/ When i set NEW TAB PAGE to be “Homepage” and have HOMEPAGE set as when i open either( HOMEPAGE or NEW TAB), it takes 10+ seconds to load… Twitch takes over 10+ seconds to load, YOutube takes !0+ seconds to load, most sites take 8-10+ seconds to load… NO OTHER BROWSER takes this long on my PC.

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