Brave Desktop Browser ver 1.10.97 keep shutdown after a few minutes

I have been using Brave Browser in my laptop for at least 2 months now then suddenly right this day it started acting a little weird.

after I prepared the website I always visit on a daily basis it suddenly closes down automatically.

I tried restarting my laptop but it still happening. Whenever I open up the browser it does tell me that it didn’t shut down correctly.

I also tried checking about it in the community but the post was Feb issue. so I’m thinking that there might be a new solution for this.

My Laptop OS in Windows 7 and the version of my browser is 1.10.97

Please help me guys…

Hi @Joshua0828, Welcome to Community!

Can you try disabling Hardware Acceleration in settings to see if this resolves the issue?
You’ll find this in Settings --> Additional Settings --> System --> Hardware Acceleration
If Brave shuts down to quickly, open Command Prompt and then enter this command:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\Application\brave.exe" --disable-gpu

Do you know if you’ve enabled Sync via brave://flags?

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