Browser crashes all windows

Whenever I close a pop-up or a separate window, ALL windows close, ie. Brave crashes.
This happens every time for me, including with Private windows.

I expect that I should be able to close a pop-up or window without the remaining window(s) also closing.

Version 1.27.111 Chromium: 92.0.4515.131 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I’ve tried a variety of settings changes, but nothing works.
It’s a real problem with browser based Cryptocurrency wallets like Keplr, MetaMask, etc.


Could you check whether it’s related to Brave’s ad block component?

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I tried disabling all the ad blocking, and associated items including https force, but it’s still crashing.

I also deleted the suggested folder in AppData/Local/BraveSoftware/…etc but that didn’t help either. I did the process twice, no resolution

If you launch the browser by opening a Private window, does the browser still crash?

If I have both a normal window and a private window open, and close the private window the normal window stays. But if I have both open and close the normal window it also closes the private window. Seems that closing a normal window closes ALL windows.

Do you have any extensions installed in the browser at this time? If so, can you please try disabling them and testing to see if you get the same behavior?

Thanks for the tip. I had a long-time extension that started acting up - Fractal ID Wallet - which I’ve had for a long time without any issues. Disabled that and all my problems disappeared.
Thanks again to everyone that responded.

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Glad to hear that did the trick! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions or concerns.