Browser lags when I type

I have version 1.63.169, and I am having issues with typing. When typing on most websites, it cannot keep up with my speed, and I do not type very fast. But it will regularly stop in the middle of my typing and then continue. Sometimes it will type letters that I had not hit, go back and delete it, then type in the letter I attempted to put in the first place. Usually when this happens, my instincts kick in and I will attempt to backspace the letter to correct, then the bug kicks in. I have tried to see if this issue happens on EDGE and (ugghhh) Chrome and they work flawlessly. So I am confident that the issue is with this browser. I do have NordVPN if that matters, but again, it shouldn’t because I tried to see if this issue happens on the other browsers.

I have a fairly new laptop with 32 GB of RAM and an i9-13900HX processor. Typically only 3-4 windows open at any given point with Spotify running in the background. So I’m not using more resources that my computer cannot handle.