Browser lagging

Its lagging so much nowadays. Dont know why. It sometimes just Blacks out! nd does nothing! Its getting worse…might switch back to chrome soon I guess

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@Mr_Wolverine69 Hey, overall population of users aren’t having an issue. If you’re having issues, often it’s good to try to provide more details and see if any of the basic troubleshooting steps might help resolve the issue or at least narrow down what’s going on. So I’m going to ask you for more details and then list some of the troubleshooting/triage steps for you to try.

I know may seem like a lot, but the more information and things you try, the better anyone is going to be able to help understand what’s going on and try to get a solution for you.

More Information:

  • What OS are you using?

  • Which version of Brave?

  • Does this happen when you are using any particular websites or type of content? If on particular websites, advise which ones.

  • Does the browser crash?

  • If it’s crashing, go to brave://crashes and look for a Uploaded Crash Report ID. If it says Send Now, then hit that and close the browser for about 30 seconds, then return and it should have the Uploaded Crash Report ID that you can copy/paste here.

Basic Troubleshooting steps (try each step by itself. Then can revert to prior settings and try the next. Stop if something resolves your problem):

  • Assuming you’re on PC, go to brave://settings/system and disable Use hardware acceleration when available.

  • Open in Private window.

  • Turn off Shields

  • (If desktop) Create a new browser profile. Don’t install any extensions or change any settings.

  • Install Brave Beta or Brave Nightly and see if the issue occurs there.

  • Test on Chrome, any issues?

Optional steps for information if on Desktop

  • You can press Shift + Esc to open Brave’s Task Manager. Alternatively, you can go to the Hamburger Menu Sync code that expires_ - Browser Support _ Desktop Support - Brave Community - Brave 4_30_2023 09_21_54More ToolsTask Manager and it will show processes within Brave and how much CPU and Memory they are using. IF you see numbers on these go up high as you’re having issues, you may want to take a screenshot or at least advise what you see.

  • Make sure to check your drivers, especially for your graphics card. Make sure it’s updated.

Im using Version 1.51.118 Chromium: 113.0.5672.126 (Official Build) (64-bit)
My OS : WIndows 11.

The issue is sometimes it gets really slow to catch up with my mouse reactions(u know what i mean). It lags. Sometimes the screen just goes fully black(And ive seen this issue acknowledged by bunch of other users too so its a pretty well known issue of this browser now) .
So yeh pretty much thats all…and it gets frustrating while doing some pretty important work.
Hope u could help :slight_smile:
PS: yeh no issues on chrome

There have been similar, but they aren’t all exactly the same. Some have been resolved through removing extensions or creating new profiles. Others were resolved by updating their browsers. Then, of course, been others with no resolution yet.

As said, if you get time later, could help if you go through everything I listed and share the information or results. Each step helps to eliminate possible issues and to try to narrow down on a solution.

Does VPN cause these problems?. yes ill do what uve said

Right now downloading Brave nightly

It could, depending on what you’re using. It’s not usually a #1 suspected thing, but antivirus/internet security programs, firewalls, VPN, proxy, etc all can contribute to or directly cause performance issues.

I just was trying to focus on everything within the browser overall. So testing if it’s Brave, extensions, Shields, settings, chromium code, etc. That’s what those troubleshooting steps all check. Ideally one of those should see the issue go away. If it doesn’t, then it tells us it’s a device issue rather than the browser. That’s when you go deeper into external programs and all.

Top 3 causes for issues within Brave when it comes to sites loading properly or any performance issue tends to be:

#1 Extensions.

#2 Hardware acceleration

#3 Shields settings (especially if using custom content filters)

Im assuming for now its the extensions . Turned off the Hardware acceleration . Lets see:)
So whats better in Brave Nightly?

My money is on Hardware Acceleration. I would test turning off your Extensions and disabling Hardware Acceleration in your stable version of Brave first and test to see if this resolves the issue before messing around with Nightly.

FYI Nightly is just a different release channel for Brave — more on the different release channels here:


ahhh gotcha . VPN is very necessary for me tho. Anyways ill try

I have had this issue for a couple of months now too.
I’ll tell you the full story (hope it’s useful). I have been using brave for over a year and it works great on my midtower PC but I had to get a laptop for travel, unfortunately the new laptop has windows 11 (my old PC is windows 10), Now windows 11 has been giving me headache after head ache but brave lagging is one of the newst and unresolved issues I’m having.
I do use a vpn which i have disabled to see if that does anything. it didn’t.
I have turned off use hardware acceleration. nothing has changed.
Brave hasn’t crashed on me yet but it does black out for a split second when loading a new page.
my cursor does not lag but typing lags, videos lag and can’t render in HD, when i click buttons they lag and the page loads slowly, scrolling on a page lags too. Its practically impossible to use web docs. My PC speed is fine, I can edit photos/videos and make animations fine, so long as its not web based software. My downlaod speed seems good too.
I have used chrome and even internet explorer/edge, and they do work fine, no lag.
I really don’t want to switch, I love using brave.
I think its windows 11, I need to switch to 10 somehow, but this issue happened after i had been using 11 for a few months.
Im not sure what to do.
oh and i just checked task manager while writing this and brave is using about 12% of my CPU.
brave version is v 1.51.118

sorry if this has spelling mistakes or is formatted bad, its hard to check with the lag.

Oh! I just added microsoft power automate extension and that seems to have worked.
No lag now!
It popped up when I added a new profile… but I don’t see it on the extensions page…
I’ll put the link below.

Does anyone know why it doesn’t show up on the extensions page… it’s a bit strange.

Have you tried bumping up the process priority (using Process Explorer). That did the trick for me.

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