New network tab creates a ton of lag

When opening the network tab in the developer tools, especially after having dev tools open for a while, will cause the dev tool window to hang and can eventually lead to the browser crashing.

Same issue here, it’s making Brave unusable for web dev.

@cohenerickson sorry, missed your topic. Seems you didn’t quite get it in any particular category and it was missing a lot of info, so it slipped by without anyone seeing it. That said, @DevMiner commenting brought it up to the top in Recent and I happened to notice.

@cohenerickson is this still an issue for you?

And both of you:

  • What version of Brave are you using?

  • Which OS? (Such as Windows 11, Android 12, Mac Ventura, etc)

  • Are you using any extensions?

  • Have you noticed this happening on any particular sites or type of content? Or is this random?

  • Can you try to have Brave’s task manager running and see if it shows anything out of the ordinary? On most desktop you can view this by hitting Shift+Esc, but you can also get to it through the hamburger menu Sync code that expires_ - Browser Support _ Desktop Support - Brave Community - Brave 4_30_2023 09_21_54More ToolsTask Manager.

  • If it does lead to the browser crashing, can you go to brave://crashes and provide Uploaded Crash Report ID from there? If you see Send Now as an option, you’ll need to click that and then exit Brave for like 30 seconds before reopening and returning. At that point it should show you the uploaded ID. (Do not provide crash context ID)

Brave Version: Version 1.56.9 Chromium: 115.0.5790.98 (Official Build) (64-bit)
OS: Windows 10 and Ubuntu 22.04
Extensions: Bitwarden, Darkreader
Have you noticed this happening on any particular sites or type of content? Or is this random? This happens on every page, Reddit r/place is very crazy with this though
Task Manager shows that the DevTools are using 100% CPU and ~300MB of RAM and steadily going up.
When switching between filters the entire devtools are lagging out and become unresponsive.

@Mattches hopefully you might swing by with thoughts before you take off for the weekend.

Will have the devs take a look at this. Might be specific to Windows and Linux as I’ve been testing this issue for the last 30mins without any issue.

Also, if the browser has crashed this way, can anyone submit the crash report ID in brave://crashes here for me?

I am sure 99% sure this is an issue in Chromium, I can only see if Brave Nightly still has the same experience when 116 appears.
But I tested this in Edge Stable which has Chromium 114 and it has the same issue as Brave Nightly with 115, but Edge Canary with 117 seems fine with 1500+ logged connections and no freezing or anything, but Brave Nightly and Edge Stable starts struggling with only 300 connections, when the Network tab just barely works and then eventually freezes completely.

It is working fine in Brave with Chromium 116, so it was a 114/115 bug, if you use Stable, and you need it, either upgrade to Nightly (has some bugs because of new major version and Chromium changes) or wait for Stable to get Chromium 116 in some weeks.

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