Brave app crashing

The Brave app keeps crashing upon opening and takes several tries to start working.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Every time I open the app it crashes.
  2. No websites work.

Version 1.48.1 (

iOS 16.4


now its getting worse and just keeps crashing.

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@lil To quote myself:

It crashes every time I open the app. Like I click on it and it just crashes and now it just keeps crashing. Also I tried uploading a video but it says new users can’t so I don’t know what to do about that.
I looked in my analytics data and there are so many different “Client-2023-XX-XX-XXXXXX.ips” codes with many different dates. So do I need to share all of them?

@lil Just the more recent is needed, I believe. I’m not dev or Support. I’m actually reaching out to them to see if they can try to reach out to some of you or at least suggest the best way to submit logs.

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I can’t upload a .txt file so this is the best thing I could think of.

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@michal can you advise? Not only on reviewing logs but also best way for people to send iOS logs to you guyd?

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