iOS browser crashing

IOS browser freezing/crashing constantly

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open browser with multiple tabs open (I assume. I haven’t done this with a single tab)
  2. While content is loading in tab, switch tabs
  3. Browser freezes and is unrecoverable without closing and restarting
  4. When I restart I get the “this is embarrassing message and brave reloads my tabs
  5. Often after this it never stops freezing until I give up and just use it again tomorrow

Expected result:
Browser doesn’t crash

Brave Version( check About Brave):
1.48.1 (

Mobile Device details
IOS 16.1.2
iPhone 12

Additional Information:

maybe try to clear the browser caches?>>[]

I think I’m having this same issue.
The browser works until I switch away from it, and then cannot be used until forced to close completely, and then re-opened.

It’s been happening for a week or so.

iOS 17.1.1
Brave Version 1.58.2 (

My browser never freezes but it crashes.

I am having this exact issue, also for the last week or so. Brave is freezing almost every time I switch to it, and I’m having to force close and reopen to get it working again. Honestly considering switching browsers; it is painful.

iOS 16.6.1
Brave 1.58.2

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