iOS ver 15.4 crashing

As the title implies, the Brave browser on iOS ver 15.4 on an iPhone 13 Pro MAX keeps crashing/freezing up quite a bit when I’ve casted it onto my RokuStick after awhile.
When this happens, I have to completely close the Brave App, & then reopen it.
This is a fairly new bug, & would appreciate a feature that prompts a popup after it has crashed/froze that realizes that it has, & then you can submit a report, & possibly opt-in to submitting the code logs pertaining to the crash, so that the Brave Team is notified of that exact specific problem, like several other Apps have.

Does this happen to you in Brave app only or in safari too?

Just Brave as far as I can tell; & it’s a fairly new problem. It never used to do it before until several months ago.

At first, I just attributed it to my previous iPhone 7 Plus just showing its age… but now that I’ve just gotten the newest iPhone, I realized that it is an Brave App problem.

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