Browser is OK...Rewards, not so much

This is more of a comment, than a request for help.

If you are going to pay people to use the browser ( “reward” is marketing ), then the system should be much more robust than it currently is. Lets be honest, its flaky at best.

In the 3 months I have been trying out Brave, a few BAT just seem to vaporize each month. Take this month for example. In March I accumulated almost 13 BAT, but only 5 were going to be transferred to my verified wallet, with the balance carrying over because they were not “reconciled”. What exactly does that actually mean? In looking at the logs it says that 0.025 were transferred to my wallet, but the Status updates say my March rewards have arrived, but neither the 5 I was supposed to receive or 0.025 in the logs are there…my balance is still the same.

I can tell I am not the only one having issues which further leads me to believe that this “reward” platform is beta code at best and is really not ready for real-time prime time use.
If you are offering someone something on this ad premise it should run, reconcile and payout like clockwork. This seems more like a sundial with too many shady days. :wink:

Its a decent browser so may just turn off the “rewards” and stop wasting my time trying to earn some BAT while using the net.


You made me chuckle with the sundial imagery.

I found this: Update on Questions around Estimated Earnings for April Payout

But it doesn’t address anything.
“we have found a case where during a small window of the month”
If that were the case, rewards would not be zero and ought to include the non-affected window. Instead the window seems to cover the entire month.

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