My wife closed the browser to use a different one. When I opened it up, no pending rewards

Not sure how this is supposed to work. I didn’t have a lot of BAT built up. Maybe a week’s worth. But it was fun watching the balance go up a little every day.
Not so much anymore.

Your Rewards should not disappear based on closing the browser as described. Did your wife used a different browser entirely or did she create a new browser profile in Brave?

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She just opened Chrome or Safari.
Doesn’t matter. I just went on Coinbase and swapped out all my BAT for Cardano. I do hope you get it all worked out. Looks like I’m not the only one confused about this whole thing.

So you’re not interested in resolving this issue?

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It was only 67 cents or so. I don’t even see any identifier or login or anything on the browser that connects the rewards to me in any way, and I can’t move it to a wallet if it’s under $25.
I don’t get it.

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If you have a verified Uphold account already, you can bypass the $25 minimum requirement. You don’t “login” to Rewards, you simply need to enable your wallet in the browser. If you’re verified, anything earned is deposited into your Uphold account directly during payout.

but if something like this happens during the month, and the rewards just disappear before they’ve been deposited anywhere, there’s no connection between me and the accumulated, undeposited rewards.
They’re just gone.

At this time yes, that is correct. We are aware of the pitfalls with the current setup and are working to fill those holes in asap.

For someone such as yourself, if you want to use Rewards, I would recommend verifying with Uphold, enabling Rewards/Ads and just letting them run. You don’t even need to click on the ads to earn, simply being served the ad is enough.

Well, I’m still using the browser. If the pending balance gets to where it would be worth banking $25 to verify the wallet, maybe I’ll do that.


Do you have a verified Uphold account already?

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