Browser is Haunted, Please send help [Reading List Sidebar]

I fear I am going crazy. My Browser is slightly haunted. A poltergeist stalks.
It’s subtle, at first…
But it seems like sometimes things have moved around slightly when I am distracted. This mostly happens in the Sidebar, A WONDERFUL feature I can’t live without.

Today, I walked away from my computer for a few minutes and when I got back my beloved “Add Current Tab” button had moved… TO THE BOTTOM OF MY SCREEN.

I wanted to call the Ghostbusters, But Brave support is my second best bet. How did this happen? Did I accidently hit a button with my fat sausage-like fingers? How do I move it back?

Lastly, If Brave is pushing updates and moving my things around without asking… Can I stop this behavior? I don’t own a proton pack.

I’m being a bit facetious but it really is very annoying.

Brave Version; v 1.57.47

Warm regards.

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