Feedback only: Brave flickering and shivering and other issues

Im using Brave (newest version) for around a month now and every day it happens.
When I am switching tabs, go to new tab or open a new website the screen might flicker for less than a second. Not always but it happens way to often.

  • Then regarding only reddit when I am scrolling on their site with Brave for some time, suddenly the whole text shivers which is really bad to read for my eyes. It stops after I scroll more and more down otherwise the text keeps shivering like crazy.

Then some other things which are kinda annoying:

  • Some websites wont display with “Brave Shields” and have some white layer on them so I have to deactivate the Brave Shield and reload the site to display the site.
  • Every time I download an exe file I have to approve the download otherwise it just wont save it.
  • Often when I try to download a picture over Brave the websites only give me a webp image file instead of a common image format so I had to install an addon to get a normal image format like jpg or png.
  • I dont know why but I tried to write a thread like a week ago on this forum; now when I came back the title I typed in a week ago under “Create a new topic” is still here for whatever reason.
  • I am browsing a lot on the internet. So the other day I was trying to find a site in my browsing history which I opened a week ago. I looked every site through on that date but couldnt find it. Then I counted the sites on that date and came to the conclusion that not all the sites are showing up in my browsing history for that date. To make sure I looked up another date and it was the same, a lot of websites missing from the browsing history.

I only wrote this as feedback, I dont need any solutions since I am going back to my old browser which had like only one issue. Not correctly displaying one single website.
That was the reason I tried out Brave in the first place since this one website displayed in chrome browsers correctly.

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