Why is my Pinned Brave Ghosted & What Happened to My Tabs & Bookmarks?


I have never seen this before, but my pinned Brave is now Ghosted in Windows 10 Professional 64 Bit on my Dell Inspiron 5000 Series Gaming 5577 (16 GB RAM, 64 bit Core i5).

This is highly unusual, but it goes further… none of my tabs are reappearing. All my bookmarks are gone (I had them all setup just so, and it takes HOURS to do). Instead, I have two folders, Imported from FireFox and Imported from Chrome, but none of the folders I setup.

I do have a message:

Brave is up to date

Version 0.57.18 Chromium: 71.0.3578.80 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Really? Chrome? You are going to dare trust Google? Ewwwwww.

Not good. Not good. Not at all good. That means that Chromium is sending all my actions to Google. It means I just lost the privacy you were supposed to protect (and don’t tell me that Google is on the up and up, they work directly with the NSA to spy on US American citizens and pool all the data into vaulted data centers that if any question arises about me, they will go dig up the data, the voice conversations on my cell, everything. Everyone has a big old file built by default and Google arranged this all by working directly with the NSA.

So, I guess, nevermind, then? If you thought speed is what I was worried about, you are not thinking.


Really, you couldn’t import anything from my old Brave browser? REALLY?!!!


im done! brave is ran by incompetent idiots. why would you issue a new version that has this many bugs! who would remove delete history on exit? years of info in my bookmarks gone! im done with brave. i hope you get an itch!


Hi @Worthful,
Nothing to worried about. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also @kiffertom, please be civil. This is public forum and what you did will not make everything better. :slightly_smiling_face:

Brave is in migration process from previous Brave (muon) that use Chromium + Muon (election fork for it’s UI) to full Chromium front-end. This migration process make it “easier” for the team to develop and maintaining Brave and can focus more on Brave main feature like Brave shields, Brave Rewards, and Brave Sync.


Not confused about Chrome and Chromium?
Chromium is the open-source engine that used to build Chrome and other Chromium based browser (Opera, etc). And do Brave; new and prev. one, also based on Chromium.

If you read the blog post linked above

"The new version of Brave is based on the same Chromium source code as Chrome, but unlike Google’s browser, Brave doesn’t make any connections to Google in the background. We’ve disabled Google Accounts and Sync and removed all the Chrome-specific telemetry and reporting code. …"

That’s mean that Brave team really make sure that there’s no code that can phones home to Google.

More https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/wiki/Deviations-from-Chromium-(features-we-disable-or-remove)

For the last, many things still being worked on and the team working hard to deliver and fix things. It’s in active development. :grin:

It’s not yet implemented. Logged issue https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/492

Also apologies that the migration not happened as smooth as expected. Will cc @mattches @sriram for help regarding your browser data.


mine is also greyed out. and the “new” icon opens up a window but does not load anything


i had years of data.now its gone. i havent used firefox or ie in years! their bookmarks were imported but my brave ones were not and i cant find them. i did a system restore and that didnt help. you do know karma is real. why would anyone release a product that hasnt been thoroughly tested? to do this to the tens of thousands that use brave is a crime to me. i run ccleaner after i have deleted my browsing history and cookies and still i have 100+ tracking files. why wouldnt you let us move gradually into the new version? have you partnered with the devil(government)? i loved my old brave. the new version has so many bugs and items that dont work. i only have so much time in my life. brave was suppose to save me all this time loading pages. all that time saved is now lost to the new version. remember if you live 74 years its 27010 days. what would you call a company that releases a product that isnt finished? did your car have 4 wheels when you bought it? read all the comments! NO ONE IS HAPPY WITH THE NEW BRAVE! please let us migrate back to the old brave. i wonder how many heads are on the chopping block for this.


Today Brave went unresponsive, then crashed. The icon in my incon bar (I’m on Mac, Yosemite) is a grayed out ghost. When I accept the “upgrade” to .57.18 Brave opens as a whole new browser - my bookmarks and history are gone. These are absolutely critical to current work with clients - getting them back is time sensitive to say the least.

Turns out, if I click the the gray icon again I get certain of my old pages back (2 windows I had open are gone) and I can access bookmarks from those. I exported them and hopefully will be able to import them into Firefox.

I like Brave and your philosophy, but this upgrade, however useful (haven’t discovered that yet) is very poorly done. I will now have to spend time importing my bookmarks into Firefox, or, if that can’t be done, opening them one at a time in my “old Brave” bookmarks and bookmarking them in Firefox.

I would like to know if there is a fix for this squirrely performance (gray icon, toggling between old and new versions) and lost bookmarks before I can simply accept and work with Brave .57.18. Or else it has to be Firefox for me - not a threat, but this is affecting my work; I don’t have time for bug fixes down the line…



Try reloading Brave 0.25.2. This is the version JUST prior to the 0.26 release, which appears to only exist to push people to 0.57.

I uninstalled everything and then installed this version and POW, all my stuff came back. Give it a shot:

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