Odd phantom white/transparent box upper right hand corner

Yeah Brave has been acting atrociously I’m assuming since the last update, or about 5 days or so now. First of all the most noticeable, terrifying made me delete brave and do a fresh install is about 95% of the time i’d be doing my usual multi tab whatnot and randomly a medium sized, whiteish/transparent looking rectangular box would appear in the upper right hand corner of most of the pages. It was terrifying because earlier this year one of my crypto wallets was hacked on brave and I don’t want to take any chances. Also since this has been happening not only has brave been running absurdly slow but the entire computer along with the pointer have gone sluggish as well, is this a known bug or something worse?Oh yeah and if you click and highlight in the box words are there, but it otherwise appears as a white or transparent rectangle. I’ll try and upload a couple pics, thanks.

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