Browser is consistantly crashing

Earlier today Brave browser started crashing on me. The browser will open and when trying to connect to any website it crashes and closes out. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the browser with the most current updates and still the same issue. One thing I did notice is that Brave was utilizing a lot of my system resources to stay up, this happened once right before it crashed the first time. I haven’t had this issue on any other computer or mobile device. No settings have been changed.

Brave use less recurses than Chrome , for example, What does OS do you use ? ,

Thank you for your reply, I am aware that chrome uses more resources than most browsers. I am not to concerned with the usage in brave as it happened once. What my concern is even with a fresh install, Brave is still crashing. I would appreciate a fix if you have one. To also add its Win10

That’s weird, I use win10 pro 64 bits ver. 17763.379 and a i have not problem with Brave, check your system , the problem is there., Do a fresh install of win7 or 8 in a virtual Machine and test again Brave…

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