Brave constantly crashing

my Brave is constantly crashing each and every 2 minutes now.

Latest crash report from brave://crashes:

please help with the solution.


Which windows OS are you using? Also, is the machine you’re using that’s crashing part of a Sync chain? If so, can you try removing it from the Sync chain and see if the crashing persists?

Hi Mattches,

it’s Windows 10. Your advice helped - no crashes so far.
If they appear again, I will post here.


hello i have the same Probleme since 3-4 days , Windows 10 machine , amd processor, --> hier Chrome/crashes

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Same here - over a week now.
Would have thought Brave would have made some sort of statement and a fix,
Going back to Google

@terco, @Bundabah,
If your browsers are part of a Sync chain, this may explain the crashes you’re experiencing, as there’s a known issue with Sync crashing the browser for some users. See the following if you’d like to submit crash reports on this issue:

If you remove the device from the Sync chain, the crashes should stop. If this is not the case, please let me know and we can further troubleshoot the issue.

Thank you for your response.
If its a know issue, I think it is best to just wait till it is sorted out…