Brave constantly crashing

my Brave is constantly crashing each and every 2 minutes now.

Latest crash report from brave://crashes:

please help with the solution.


Which windows OS are you using? Also, is the machine you’re using that’s crashing part of a Sync chain? If so, can you try removing it from the Sync chain and see if the crashing persists?

Hi Mattches,

it’s Windows 10. Your advice helped - no crashes so far.
If they appear again, I will post here.


hello i have the same Probleme since 3-4 days , Windows 10 machine , amd processor, --> hier Chrome/crashes

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@terco, @Bundabah,
If your browsers are part of a Sync chain, this may explain the crashes you’re experiencing, as there’s a known issue with Sync crashing the browser for some users. See the following if you’d like to submit crash reports on this issue:

If you remove the device from the Sync chain, the crashes should stop. If this is not the case, please let me know and we can further troubleshoot the issue.

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Hello! I’m having this same problem. I’m on a MacBook Air running macOS Mojave, and Brave doesn’t seem to recognise that it’s crashing. I’m not synched up to anything, so I can’t seem to tell what the problem is. Is there anything else I can do?

The browser crashes (without a bug report prompt) every time I open a Washington Post page and other random pages. I have to re-load my session and close the tab as fast as I can, and it crashes anyway, and I have to do it again and hope the tab is gone.

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