Browser forgot i was known user

I am not a Brave newbie. I’ve used your wonderful browser for quite a while.

I just turned on my PC and clicked on the Brave icon.

It opened but had totally forgotten that I had ever used the browser!

I am now in the browser.

Biggest current problem is that it totally forgot that I have the LastPass extension, which normally shows up automatically.

I was able to log in to LastPass.

I said please import known extensions from Chrome.

Normally I would see LastPass on the upper right and I would just click on it to log in.

That icon isn’t there , but when I click on the black blob it does say that LastPass is an extension with full access. In fact, the only extension.

I use LastPass for all my logins.

How do I restore it within Brave, so that I can easily get in without workarounds.

Please advise.

Also lost bookmarks - only in Brave - that I am unable to restore.

iam think here will no way without “workarounds”. I was f… similarly way with opera sync, when something like id or some apiworker or smth “token” lost and all “sync” dissappear lol. but iam old fart and makes diff backups of my needed and important data (like logs, passes, bookmarks, seeds), doesn’t rely on some sync or ONE keeper (any, app, service, fd). always have an a backdoor way. thats my advice.

and of technically aspect try to restore your pc to earlier date, off internet before it (to dont catch some sync lol) and try to enter brave and extract bookmarks manually into file.

if this simple 1st hand trick will not work, u needs go deep into the system and find browser data into system folders (iam not on pc atm, doesn’t member exactly, but somewhere in local roaming for this user).
if you doesn’t have restore points, so… :person_shrugging: iam though there would be no solution. but lesson to make regularly backups. (not into one basket ofc).

also iam feel for you and sorry for ur lost.

Could this be useful to you?,LastPass%20browser%20extension%2C%20then%20reinstall.

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