Brave update blew away LastPass extension



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I got notification that there was a new version of Brave and did I want to update, so I (foolishly) said yes. After completion of the update, my LastPass extension is gone.

It seems like the last time there was an update, there was a problem with LastPass as well. In fact, in general, the lack of extension support in Brave is forcing me back to Chrome more and more.


@DaveHanna, don’t worry! Last pass isn’t gone - it may not be installed though.
See here for installing extensions in new Brave build:

We support almost all extensions now. You can download the LastPass extensions as described above, install it, and sign into your account and resume using it as normal.

Additionally, if you don’t want to use the new Brave build you just downloaded, the old (Muon) build is still on your machine right where you left it.

Let me know if any of this is unclear.


This was a question that I too needed answered, so thank you very much for that, as I use lastpass frequently.


Can you provide links to the set of extensions that was available in the last version of Brave, as I would like to install a few of them (e.g. PDF.JS) but can’t be sure exactly which is the one you used before.

I did track down PDF Viewer on the Chrome store but when I click on Add to Chrome, I get an error message saying:

This item is already being downloaded and added into Chrome.



Ok - I figured out that PDF.JS is installed already, but not listed as an extension. LastPass was already installed and listed, so I got confused. Hope this helps anyone else trying to get their head around the new version.


Sorry for my late response everyone.
@dunxd, you’re correct,

The import during migration did not account for extensions. However, I do see how this can be confusing given that some extensions, like PDF.JS and Webtorrent, are built in but not explicitly stated (or displayed on Extensions page). We have plans to include these on the extension page (or somewhere equivalent) to increase visibility.

We’re currently working on some support documents/threads that will go over all of this to alleviate this confusion. I think you’re note here,

Is apt and could do a lot of good. I’ll make sure to include a list of links to the appropriate extensions (any offered in Brave Muon) download page in these documentations to make it easier for users to set them up the way they had before.

Appreciate everyone’s understanding! I’ll leave this thread open for a bit in case anyone has any additional questions about how to install/download extensions.

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