Desktop - Password Manager Suddenly Not Working v 1.51.118

Yesterday I closed my browser and reopened it, and all of a sudden I was logged out on every website + Brave forgot ALL of my accounts (i had numerous google accounts). And no it’s not due to my settings, i’ve been using brave for over 2 years on my desktop and haven’t changed a thing in the settings and reopend my browser numerous times without a problem. So this is def a bug on the browser’s end.

I don’t have sync.

I looked online for solutions but couldn’t find any because it was all related to mobile.

I can see my accounts and website in here;C:\Users\miash\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default\Login Data

How do i make it so that Brave links to this folder again?

I want my stuff back.

On another note I think Brave by itself cleaned up my entire browser cache or something, because even my youtube is now set to a different language and country (the website not hte app)

Most of my bookmarks have also gone missing

I exported my profile to Opera GX, here my bookmarks are back again. So atleast i can still reach them if i really have to.

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