Browser "features"

The genius (?) that created DuckDuckGo decided to declare on Twitter the he #StandsWithUkraine and that any site that promotes (what he considers to be) “disinformation” - a sinister word if ever I’ve heard one - is downgraded in the search results. Sound familiar?

Does Brave do this?

Check tweets from brave ceo

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OK. Looks promising, but I heard yesterday that Brave uses DuckDuckGo search engine. Is that correct, and if so, would it not also use ED as Duck have just admitted to?

As I said, check the tweets, go below to few days back. All your questions are answered. Yandex Search less censored than Brave Search? Please say it isn't so! - #10 by chh_68

Brave search has nothing to with ddg.

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Appreciate it, thanks :+1:

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