Why Not Suggest DuckDuckGo for other Search Option?

I am just wondering why duckduckgo is not one of the suggested other search engines in the search results list?

Just curious why google, bing, and mojeek are being promoted–are they paying for these spots?


Where was this? In the Brave Search engine or in the Brave app?

I guess these are the biggest English ones with their own indexes, DDG is just a rebranded bing!

I don’t imagine Brave gets paid for these, it’s just a nice feature for users like me. I have Brave Search as default search engine but often click the “Google”-button when I can’t find what I’m looking for in the Brave serps…

Hi @Codesalot this is from brave desktop, using the search.brave.com engine.

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I don’t think Brave is paid to show the different browsers, that may just be for convenience. In the future, that browser may be added.

Hope this helps!

Indeed DuckDuckGo uses Bing, so it would a duplicate.

while the content might be mostly Bing results, DuckDuckGo is a very different search provider than Bing… they do not track users.

so i consider DDG to be quite different from Bing

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Actually, DuckDuckGo is tracking users through its improving.duckduckgo.com host, which is currently blocked by several international blacklists.

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interesting. thanks for the feedback @gmacar

the posted article explaining this seems pretty clear about its purpose being to collect usage details so that they can optimize the product. sounds like the same thing that brave does with their analytic data collection.

is this about trusting the brave folks more than the duckduckgo folks?

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@dabat Bcoz only 4 search have their own search index
google,bing,mojeek and Brave(Tailcat {originally})

Because Duckduckgo is basically Bing with another name.