Browser doesnt work at


Unfortunately the browser doesnt work at can somebody fix this please? It’s been a wile now.

Hopefully you fix it.

Thanks in advance.

Are you blocking cookies?
If so, then allow cookies from the shields icon.
Is is stopping you from playing videos or is the default homepage just not laoding?

I can use the website on my end and even get use the in-built translator to translate it from dutch ton english.

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No i’m not blocking cookies.

I dont have any problems opening the site but i can’t play the video’s. I keep seeing the error code 102630

What should I do?

Hello @Docent26, thank you for brining this to our attention. Here are some steps how you can fix this particular issue and prevents it happens again. Please see:

Besides, you can try by disabling/enabling shields settings. or playing that video on incognito mode. Hope it helps. Regards.

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