Brave browser not able to play videos from this website

Hi there,

Brave browser is not able to play any video from this website:

It’s a Dutch website where you can rewatch television shows. Now in the recent past, I have been able to play videos without any problem, but ever since they updated their website I can’t.

When I try to play it on Firefox (with adblock) it says that: ‘turn off your adblock’. So I guess it also detects Brave’s built in adblock, it just gives an error code, nothing about ‘disabling adblock’.

Is there a way around this? I would love to continu to use Brave, but more website like these keep popping up.

Thanks in advance!

Hello @djeffrey, thank you for sharing your concern with us. What kind of device and OS do you use? Have you updated to the most recent version? Have you tried turning OFF/ON shields?

Are you using extensions? Does the same happen in a private window? Could you please share a screenshot with this error message you are getting so we can further investigate. Thanks in advance.


Thank you for your quick reply.

To answer your questions:

  • I am using a MacBook Pro 16-inch 2021 M1 Pro (MacOS ventura) & iPhone 14 Pro iOS 16.2.

  • I have tried turning on/off shields.

  • Yes, it’s updated to latest version.

  • I am using 3 extensions: e-mailtracker pro, Google Translate & return YouTube Dislike.

  • The same happens in a private browser.

I have addes a screenshot, it says:

‘‘This video cannot be played. Error code: 102630.’’


was playing here (with shield up):

I am getting a different error code when I turn shields off, it says:

‘‘Unfortunately this video cannot be played. It might be unavailabe, your browser is not supported or your watching from abroad’’

I got a similar error, I had to VPN into Netherlands

How did you get it to play at your first post?

Try testing with a Dutch IP, also clearing the cookies/cache.

I am Dutch (live in the Netherlands), so I am browsing with a Dutch IP. I also tried clearing cookies/cache and resetting Brave settings to default.

It still won’t play for me.


Anyone got a solution?


Why isn’t there a solution yet? Why should I, or anyone for that matter, continu to use Brave if it gets blocked?

Have you found a solution yet?

Would like to see a solution. Video plays on my browser but you can not watch, full of fuzz lines.

Been this way since I bought my new Samsung Galaxy. I use Proton VPN But all this works fine on Edge.

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