Not able to play (most) Dutch (.NL) websites


I am not able to play videos from certain Dutch websites like: or

I have tried this:

And I added EasyDutch

is anyone else able to play videos from these Dutch websites, for example these two videos:


And the screenshot with the error I added comes when I try to play a video from this website:

@fanboynz you helped me earlier with this. Could you please look in to it?

Is there any update on this?


Somehow Brave (on my iPhone) is able to play the videos on the websites above (I couldn’t before). But still not on my MACos.

What seems to be the problem?

Just testing on desktop;

Other than the obvious adskipping, videos loaded

Fixed an issue on

Both videos play, Easydutch enabled. Maybe disable/re-enable Widevine in brave://settings/extensions

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