Video's not showing on webpage

Videos on this webpage are not showing:

How to fix this?

@fanboynz just tested at and was able to navigate well. However, when going to video like Bert.10 mentioned, it just stuck perpetually loading. When I turned off Shields, it stuck me with the cookie consent, then started playing a video ad.

If turn Shields on again:

But Shields off:

Video link I used for testing was

Used different from OP because when click on theirs, it redirected to and displayed as you can see below, where couldn’t interact with the page unless I turned off Shields to allow cookie consent notice:

So I guess potentially two issues here?

@Bert.10 hopefully Fanboynz will see this and get Shields fixed for you. In meanwhile, you can disable Shields to get it to play, but not sure you want to do that. Just from a few seconds of no Shields, that website put over 300 cookies into the browser. It’s horrible…

Thanks Saoiray. Right, I will keep my shields up. I hope Fanboynz will get it fixed. :+1:

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