Can I sync bookmarks between desktop chrome and ios brave

I don’t know why but after I changed some folder names and deleted some folders to reorganize bookmarks, deleted folders(+unchanged past folder names) and their contents are flooding my root bookmarks folder every time I use desktop Brave.

I tried everything, I wiped out bookmarks completely, exited and set up a new sync chain for all three devices, went in to the internal sync data page to delete the sync data but none of them worked. Exiting and setting up a new sync chain repeatedly was not easy because it was so buggy. Now I have no energy left to fix this crap and I want to go back to using Chrome.

The thing is I still like to use iOS Brave because it’s one of the only(and free) option for me to block youtube ads on iPhone and iPad. So I would appreciate it if there is a way to sync bookmarks between desktop Chrome and iOS Brave.

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From what I have seen… no. I cannot even get sync to add my devices yet. The only way I have been able to sync from the infamous Chrome is to export all my bookmarks from Chrome, then use Brave to import the newly exported HTML Bookmarks file. Brave does an extremely nice job in maintaining the folder structure.

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