Browser Crash when using Private Tabs with Tor

Let me first start off by saying this is literally a revolutionary feature that actually sets brave apart from other browsers by a landslide. Other browsers offer privacy in the sense of storing local data but not necessarily what’s being sent to websites across the internet. Private tabs with tor does both in the sense that it not only conceals what you do locally but also protects your privacy on the internet, including by default using an alternative google search engine. So this is a great feature and I do tend to use it more than often even more than the actual TOR browser. The only problem is that there is a bug that crashes the entire browser when using this feature.

The first time I experience a browser crash from using Private Tabs with Tor I didn’t even realized it happened because no error messages popped up and it was literally my first experience even using the feature. I chalked it up to either me accidentally clicking on the x button to close out the browser or just a fluke. After all maybe this was just something that happens the very first time you use this option. Maybe when the browser closed out it was installing something. However this was not the case. It was not just a fluke, I didn’t accidentally mis-click anything, and it wasn’t something being initialized. The browser simply crashed. I was able to use the private tabs with tor just fine after the crash but didn’t know how reliable it would be or if it would re-occurs. It didn’t reoccur for awhile, but just recently when I attempted to use it again the broswer crashed before I could even visit a website. I had what I was about to type into address bar and then before I could even press enter it crashed. So this is something to take note of. I believe if this gets fixed then this will be one of the feature will change the way we browse more so than it already has.

After Troubleshooting I realized that the browser closed upon me hitting the enter key and that a topic was already made about it here:

Closing in favour of Brave Crashes Using Private TOR tab after pressing the Enter key