Brave crashes in Tor mode

Hello! When I start Brave and right-click on “+” to open new tab, and click “New private tab with tor” and then in that tab I type in URL “” and hit ENTER, Brave crashes instantly.

Windows 7 SP1 x64, Brave 0.23.31.

Does the site open on normal tabs and private tabs?

That’s the thing, this website is blocked in my country. I can only visit it through Tor. If I type in this URL in regular mode and hit ENTER, my ISP redirects me to “You can’t” message.

Could you launch the browser from git bash window and share the console log? You will have to install Git Bash for Windows and launch using %appdata%\local\brave\brave.exe and then open the site in tor tab

Hello guys. Long time no see. I’ve been “computerless” at home, waiting for my new CPU and RAM to arrive from AliExpress. Sold my old system before ordering new one.

A new version of Brave came out and it looks like my issue has been fixed. Tried several times to load Brave and go to this website in Tor mode and no crashes so far.

Thanks for testing again! We did fix a few browser crashes that were introduced in private tabs with Tor, so it’s possible you were witnessing one of those. If it happens again, please let us know!

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