Browser color (not dark mode, not flags, not extensions)

Greetings, I installed Brave today and have read several of the discussions regarding the browser color, dark mode, flags, extensions, themes, etc. yet I am unable to get any of the proposed solutions to work. Latest version of Brave .20 and MacOS and all of its settings remain as normal. The problem is that some sites open with a dark background while others do not which is less bothersome than the actual images found on each site which appear to look like ‘UV vision’ or when nature photographers simulate what a hummingbird’s vision looks like for example. Attached a screen shot of Pinterest open in Chrome on the right and Brave on the left in order to illustrate the difference. I would prefer a more accurate rendition of color. Does anyone have any idea how to correct this.
Many thanks for your help!

I failed to realize before asking that this may be a global problem within the browser and as I uploaded my screenshot I notice that the colors are messed up on both the right and the left. I am not positive if the view is the same for everyone but hopefully my written description is able to describe the problem well enough if the screenshot appears to have destroyed the colors on both the right or the left.
Thank you!

Never mind, I went digging through my extensions that must have bene imported from Chrome. Navigate to settings/scroll down to extensions/manage extensions and delete any extensions that indicate color adjustments and delete it if you prefer to view your browser with an accurate color.

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