Bring user interface of Habit Browser in Brave Browser

Please have a look at Habit browser for android. In less than 2 minutes, you’ll fall in love with it’s user interface. It’s user interface is so awesome. Every aspect is like centuries in advance than what is currently being brough forth by Brave browser in terms of user interface.

Habit Browser allows every aspect of the user interface to be what the user wants. It’s got circular pie buttons, which show up just by flicking the finger, from the left side or from the right side of the screen, that are so awesome. Here’s the pic:

The tabs are all tiled one next to another at the bottom, which gives easy access to all the tabs. The current grid pattern on android version is horrible. It is so worthless that it has made me consider leaving brave browser altogether and look for an alternative. However, i’m hoping that someone in brave developer community will make necessary changes.
Here’s the pic of Habit browser’s tab positioning and ease of access:

Every aspect of Habit Browser’s user interface is customizable, and i do mean every aspect… And it’s so lightweight and superfast.

Please make necessary changes in Brave browser to make it a completely next generation browser, a whole new experience, not the currently old and stale user experience.

Looks like they have taken a few things from Opera’s Touch browser and really gone with it