Android browser design

Dear Braves, I love using your browser, even though some compatibility issues do occur at times. This time though, I’d like to focus on the aesthetics of the mobile app. Something about it just feels a little funky or old.
Here’s an example of the default browser from a MIUI Android rom and the current Brave design:

Comparing these two browsers, I have to say that even though the MIUI browser has en extra bar in the screen, it doesn’t really distract me and overall, I think this browser looks cleaner. The main thing that bothers me with Brave is the “fat” look. Here’s some suggestions:

  1. I’d replace the shading of the address bar with a thin subtle line around
  2. The tabs block, brave logo and menu lack some uniform style. I think extending the look of the address bar to the tab button would already be an interesting visual improvement (maybe similar to the reload page button in the MIUI browser).
  3. Make the menu button a little more neat, like the mini hamburger you use in the desktop client (thin & straight)
  4. Add support for colorizing the address bar like MIUI browser does. I just checked my other apps and as it stands, Brave is the only app that still gives a heavy black bar on top. (please do keep the white software buttons below :smiley:)

I understand if some of the things I mentioned are difficult to implement and you have higher priorities, but I hope you can take some inspiration from this. :+1:

Thanks for the feedback and suggestion. Marking @jamesmudgett @brad on the thread.