Brave's priority #1

Which do you prefer for brave to be priority #1?
So, after a comment to my previous post, I figured to create this poll:

  • Privacy
  • Appealing to all users

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@jordy I am really curious about the latency vs privacy vs other features Brave develops, so I thought I would expand on your idea if that is ok. Brave actually had a notification ad survey related to this recently. Wish I could remember the options! Anyway, going to create a couple of polls of my own. If you would rather I do this somewhere else, please let me know and I will delete this reply and create in the misc category. :slightly_smiling_face:

Choose the one feature you would like Brave to dedicate the most resources to developing.
Note that Rewards Integration is anything Rewards related including adding custodial providers and opening up regions.

  • Speed
  • Privacy
  • Rewards Integration
  • Brave Wallet
  • UI Customization
  • Some other feature not listed
  • I prefer a balanced approach when allocating resources

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Multiple Choice Option
Choose up to three features you would like Brave to dedicate the most resources to developing.
Same poll as above but with speed options expanded and can choose up to 3 options.

  • Speed (latency <1 sec)
  • Speed (latency <2 sec or better)
  • Speed (latency <4 sec or better)
  • Privacy
  • Rewards Integration
  • Brave Wallet
  • UI Customization
  • Some other feature not listed
  • Balanced approach

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I think security is always going to be a top priority for any Browser. But I have to say @jordy has a point on improving performance & speed in Brave in his previous topic. But OP generalised this poll too much.

And I think a good device to compare the performance between browsers would be Chocoholic’s ancient excavated system :grin:. Differences would be more prominent that level.

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I’m not sure if you’ve missed my comments in the other post of mine you mentioned. As you talk about comparing browsers, I take it you haven’t read my comments. In one comment, I said that I just used both brave and chrome and that I experience no difference in latency. I also said that as chrome uses no privacy features, it has no obstacles in (parts of) webpage usability. In order to make brave perform on website usability, its privacy features are not allowed to interfere with (parts of) webpage functionality.

Indeed I have generalized this poll. I purposely didn’t define further by writing the existing options more comprehensively, or adding more options. Because I want to know which of the two, brave forum users priortize over the other, when forced to choose between the two.



What I understood was, you are referring to Speed (latency) and Performance (web compatibility) issues. But just for name sake, priority #1, I went for an altogether different option- security, to be the top priority (blame Chocoholic for going off-topic :grin:). And I think Google spends more resources to security improvements than Brave does.

I just ment, OP could’ve been like “Should Brave put more resources in latency and web compatibilty?” instead of being generalised. And as it is, Privacy looks more appealing there, tbh.

What does better mean? :smiley:
“< 4” goes down from 4 until “- infinity”. What is better than “- infinity”? :stuck_out_tongue:


Again, I purposely didn’t define either options. Whatever I can refer to by either option specifically, I do not want that to be part of this poll. I want to know about appealing to all users vs. privacy.
Even though this poll was inspired by my previous post, I specifically didn’t address performance in this poll.
As I said in my previous post, besides latency and ease of use, chrome also performs on webpage usability.
I am not aware of privacy getting a browser to appeal to all users.

Typo? Wanting to confirm appalling vs appealing as they are antonyms of one another basically.

Fun. I thought the word ‘appaling’ is spelled correctly. As the correct spelling indeed is ‘appalling’, it’s a typo for sure.
Both appalling and appealing have each one letter different from appaling. Although appaling sounds like appalling.
If you really want to have certainty, he’s gotta tell.

:grimacing: … English is such a difficult language. Editing.

Here you go- I thought appalling meant attractive. No wonder you was throwing kitchen’s sink at me. My bad.

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I’m not throwing a kitchen sink at you (except if you are a brave dev)

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Security… ugh. Kinda obvious now that security should have been an option with privacy as a subset or something. Also obvious I didn’t think this one through! lol

My tendency to shoot from the hip was definitely a miss this time. :joy:

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I’m not. Lucky me, eh!

Google have tried a number of times to improve the perception of privacy (no personal tracking) whilst retaining their ability to sell targeted adverts. Their Manifest V2 was rejected by the industry and now they’re trying a different approach with Manifest V3. The writer of one of the best ad blocker extensions to Chrome (Ublock Origin) believes that Google’s Manifest V3 will stop his ad blocker from working.
Google Chrome is a machine for making Google lots and lots of money and that is all they are interested in, certainly not the performance of Chrome.
I support Brave’s attempts to limit the personal tracking that is endemic nowadays.


Chrome not being interested in performance? That makes me laugh like hell. You sure know to tell a joke.

Google deploys its development resources in line with its business objectives, that is to make money. Why do you think Google built Chrome?
It is interested in performance only as much as it needs to in order to keep users to track and sell advertising

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That is correct. Google makes its money by selling user data to third parties. That is no obstacle to performance. Instead, for Google to maximize the number of revenue, and therefore maximize the number of users, it needs to appeal to all users. It cannot allow users to take their eyes off the screen for a single split second. Hence, performance is priority #1. This also goes for google web search, image search, maps, YouTube, play store & android.

My top priority has to do with political free speech in the USA. I want to make sure Christianity still has religious freedom. The liberals have used tech companies to do a significant amount of damage to my nation.