Brave redesign -Separating from chrome

I love using brave and use it all the time. Although recently i feel like the brave team has been focused more on the privacy aspect. Although this is great and all, the general public doesn’t care about privacy, even though they probably should.

I feel like we need to drift further away from chrome and distinguish ourselves from the rest of the market and show off the features that everyday people care about such as the speed boost, built in adblock, brave rewards and the built in TOR support.

Therefore i propose the hard task but necessary of redesigning the UI and distinguishing ourselves from just being another chrome web browser, showing off the features that will bring in the general public and get people talking and using this great browser.

If one wants tons of features built-in, one should probably explore Vivaldi, firstly, and Opera, secondly.

Brave does what it does very well, and will only get better, I think.

Features built-in like Vivaldi and Opera have are nice, but with the extension system, Brave is very adequately customizable, in my opinion.

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I agree with treego14 here, even though I use Brave on all my personal devices, as part of my work I use all sorts of browsers and both Opera and Vivaldi are excellent choices if you want customisation. I remember actually paying out hard cash for Opera before it became free to use, but Vivaldi seems to have a much more active development cycle.

Having said all that, I really like the way Brave is going so I’m sticking with it for personal use and trying to get everyone I talk to (about IT stuff) to at least give it a go for a few weeks to see what a difference it makes.