Prioritize split second latency performance over anything else

In order for brave browser to appeal to all users, it’s necessary for brave’s team to order the devs to prioritize making brave’s webpage and content play latency perform within a split second, over anything else. Brave’s team currently prioritizes privacy over anything else. That will always hold brave back from appealing to all users.
Edit: instead of flagging my post, can brave forum users inform me how they think my post is spam? As far as I know, brave forum users incorrectly marked this post as spam. (If this post gets marked as spam again, without telling me why, then I’ll tell the same to the staff of the forum)

Stop spamming! You already made posts about this and had it addressed.

You initially posted at Slow page load time

Then Behemoth growth

Then posted at Lacking performance where you refused to answer Brave staff when they asked for info.

Then again at Webpage latency performance where you refused to share anything. In fact, it was shown to you how Brave’s performance has been rated higher.

Now you’re going here. You’re no longer just leaving feedback or seeking help. You’re just here to constantly post the same thing and be annoying. Not to mention, your claims are inaccurate. All you’re doing lately is trying to make claims that have not a shred of accuracy to them.

I do not consider it spam but a duplicate topic. You already have a topic on latency open (opened 6 days ago) and this information should probably have been posted in that topic. This probably should have been noted as a duplicate topic and not flagged as spam imo.

You could post a “duplicate topic” reply to this post, include a link to the initial open topic, and mark your reply as the solution to this topic. That will let other community members know where to go to provide input.

As far as the prior posts on this issue, I think it is worth noting that 3/4 are closed topic in the Feedback category. Since this issue appears to be important to you, I understand you posting again to keep the issue alive. It may be helpful in future posts to provide links to previous topics relating to this discussion and provide additional information surrounding the issue to stimulate community involvement/discussion.

My opinion:

  1. This topic (Prioritize split second latency performance over anything else) is a duplicate topic. Some members may consider this topic (which is one of the two related open topics posted by the same user 6 days apart) as spam.

  2. Current open topic related to performance: Webpage latency performance

  3. Current open topic providing feedback on flagging this topic as spam (not a topic related to latency): Annoyed brave forum user

  4. Slow page load time topic auto-closed on April 10, 2022.

  5. Behemoth growth topic auto-closed on July 11, 2022.

  6. Lacking performance topic auto-closed on August 19, 2022.

I think if you want to keep this issue current, you may want to consider posting in the Brave Feature Request category or creating a Poll topic where community members can then vote on the issue. A poll could also provide insight into the latency vs privacy debate if enough users participate.

If you decide to do either (or both) of the above, make sure the information is explained well so the non-tech savvy user understands the issue and why it matters. You can then keep your topic open by bumping the topic yourself if you do not get any replies from other community members. I think this will help in that you will not have to create a new topic each time the old one closes.

Hope this helps. Take care.

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