Braves New Search Engine

I just heard the news about Brave`s new search engine, seems great, privacy/open source etc… however I noticed that the basic attention token was left out of the equation for its ad revenue and plans to offer paid service instead for ad free searches and free service with ads, why is Brave abandoning the bat token system going forward ?

We are not abandoning BAT moving forward – can you show me where you read that information?

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Right – but where does it say we’re abandoning BAT? I assume you’re referring to this section of the announcement:

1. Brave Search is private : it does not track or profile users.
2. Brave Search is user-first : Brave serves the user first, not the advertising and data industries.
3. Brave Search offers choice : We will provide options for ad-free paid search and ad-supported search. We are working on bringing private ads to search, as we’ve done for Brave user ads.
4. Brave Search is independent : We will rely on anonymized contributions from the community to improve and refine Brave Search. Prior to this innovation, producing quality results could be achieved only by Big Tech companies, which took many years and tens of billions of dollars to crawl the entire Web continually.
5. Brave Search is transparent : we will not use secret methods or algorithms to bias results. We will explore multiple community-curated open ranking models to ensure diversity, and prevent algorithmic biases and outright censorship.
6. Brave Search is seamless : we will offer best-in-class integration between the browser and search without compromising privacy, from personalization to instant results as the user types.
7. Brave Search is open : we do not believe in walled gardens and, as such, we will offer Brave Search to power other search engines.

In the above, we simply stated that we’re exploring different options/plan for users to choose. Unless there’s something I don’t know about, we will not be abandoning BAT in any way.


no where explicitly, but its a logical conclusion for number 3 imo, I really do hope i`m wrong

We will not be dropping BAT for any reason. Appreciate your concern though.


Do you know if BAT will be implemented into Braves new search engine using the same or similar ad revenue model ?

And yes I`am concerned, I have witnessed to many projects neglect utility for their tokens, where tokens were treated more like a cancer instead of an actual utility token

We will have more information on Brave Search available soon. At this time I cannot say what, if any, BAT features will be integrated into the platform.

I can assure you that, in general, we will not be dropping support for BAT.

Hope this helps.


That sounds fantastic Mattches, thank you

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There seems to be a more straightforward answer, though not stating a final decision yet.

" Will I see Brave Ads in Brave Search? Will I be rewarded for viewing Brave Ads?

We’re currently thinking through different search experiences to offer our users. While there is a cohort of users who have long clamored for a premium ad-free search experience, others prefer a free, ad-supported model. We think offering a choice is best. Brave Ads with rewards are certainly a possibility we’re considering, when we’re ready to take on the challenges of privacy-protected search ads".

Actually, the page doesn’t say the search engine will be open source.

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I hope the upcoming brave search engine can produce better results than duckduckgo


Will Braves Search Engine be available via Firefox and other browsers if people wish to still use their browsers but want to use it instead of google?

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People here are confusing the search engine with the browser. The search engine may or may not integrate BAT , but BAT will always be included in the browser.

The arguments for free and ad supported/ paid and ad free models is regarding the search engine. The search engines show ads too in search results, marked as “ads” or “promotion”.

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Do you think that people will be able to access the search engine website outside of brave browser?

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it should stick to the same or similar model as basic attention, no ads in the engine no rewards, opt in for ads receive rewards, why would brave stray away from its own model


Can I use Brave Search in browsers other than Brave?

We’re committed to making Brave Search an open alternative to everyone who would like to use it. We firmly believe search is core to the browsing experience, and should not be hidden behind walled gardens. Brave Search as a SERP will be available for use in other browsers. Additionally, since we plan to offer API access to Brave Search, it may even help power other search engines in the future.

Sounds great, so will bravesearch be a separate website address i go to in my firefox?. i want to have several browsers running for dev

You can access the new search engine (when is public) with the corresponding link like you already do witn any other.