How Brave Search Can Beat Google, Et. Al

Dear Brave Developers,

The first search engine that implements these two basic features will win top prize for “Most Trustworthy, Personal, and Private Search Engine on the Planet!”

User Options:

  1. Unlimited ability to block websites from search results.

  2. Unlimited ability to add favorite websites and display their results either at the top of the page or in a sidebar.

Those of us who frequently search for information on Politics, Current Events, Religion, History, etc., have mostly given up using Google or Duck Duck Go.

The first dozen or more result pages are filled with parroting reports from the corporate media. It’s nearly impossible to find an alternative view unless you go directly to individual websites.

While I’ve done this for years, (at least since our freedom of speech was canceled) it is very time consuming.

I would gladly pay a yearly fee for a search engine that gave me the ability to deep dive into the web and bypass all the commercial news (ABC, CNN, FOX, WP, NYT…) and unreliable content sites (Pinterest, Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter…)

I know that there has to be one creative developer out there who has the ability to give us a search engine that we can trust and will provide us with honest results.

Thanks for listening, Linda

PS My thanks to the Brave team for developing the Brave Browser. I appreciate all your efforts.

Hey Linda,

If you’re curious, you could have a read of our paper on our Goggles project:

I feel as though this might interest you, given your two criteria.

Hi Adrian, I read the paper and believe that when this project presented to the public they will never again use any of the establishment search engines. Thanks for sending. I appreciate all the work your team is doing.


I’m wondering if it is too late to choose a name other than “Goggles”? That name will be a constant reminder of Google – which may have been a good association a few years ago – but now Google has shown itself to be devious, deceitful and a danger to our Constitutional Republic. Just a thought!