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I have 2 inquiries to make.

  1. When are you guys going to permanently stop rerouting us to Google or Bing for Images, Videos and other things? Is there something on the pipeline where all image search or video search are independently indexed? Why couldn’t y’all just proxy in the direct sense like you did before?

  2. I would like to index my website/landing page as well as anything relating to business on Brave Search Index. How do I get about to this?

Whenever they finish building out Brave Search for full independence. Nobody has a timeline to give. They are working on it though.

They were paying for the API. Prices increased and so Brave decided it was time to cut it. Ideally they wanted to keep it going until they were completely independent, but money talks.

Keep in mind that you still get all the protection against trackers and all through the browser. So even if you use the Google or Bing searches, Brave is still going to prevent any issues and will keep your privacy going.

The primary way anything gets indexed through Brave Search is by people participating in the Web Discovery Project. If you and others are participating in that and visiting your sites, then it should get indexed.

Beyond that, the other option is to use the Feedback New Tab - Brave 6_3_2023 21_22_41 option when you perform a search. It’s listed on the results page, underneath the little search glass thing. If you search for your business and can’t find it, you can click on feedback and provide comments and suggestions, including links to your site. This can allow them to add sources or make changes as needed.

Just keep in mind that they don’t rerank results or anything. So control over where your listing shows will only depend on how relevant it is to the search.

Alright. That’s fine. I may very well temporarily just add Brave Search to like Presearch so I don’t get rerouted Google nor Bing.

Yeah I understand you all. I wonder why Microsoft would 3-10x their API prices. My best guess is that they can go surveillance and AI on steroids for their search engine.

Let me see. I’ll get back to you if I face any issues.

I said this: Hello. The individual typing this email is looking for a way that my website with the following links:

It is a new website and an open and coming business. You can reach me at [email protected]. My name is Josh.

How soon should I hear from Web Discovery Project regarding adding & indexing website?

Note the landing page is still under Development.

Hello. When should I hear back from Web Discovery Project Team regarding indexing the website?

You don’t ‘hear’ from Web Discovery Project team, there is not such a team… it is automatic, it doesn’t know what you do or not, it only gets what it gets from the user, it is ANONYMOUS.
That’s why Brave made it that way, it is anonymously sharing data with Brave to easily allow the Brave search to index websites, from many sources, pages you visit, the results pages of some search engines, all that.

Web Discovery only will index data that is visited by real people, or that’s what it tries to do, for that, it needs many users to visit websites, because obviously, a site that is visited once might get indexed, but it doesn’t mean it will get ranked high, so If you want to help forcing the indexer, you can tell other people do visit the website with WDP on.

Also WDP can get the search result page from Bing, Linkedin, Google, Yahoo, so you could also make searches in another search engine and see if that helps the indexer to get it.
But WDP works with your history, as long as it is a public page with real content, it will index a website… one day.

Saoiray already posted this link for you to read… why didn’t you read it? it pretty much tells you anything you need to know about WDP and how Brave Search indexes pages. Seems like you were lazy to read it, and that’s a problem, if someone gives you a link, you should be polite and read it, especially if it talks exactly about what you are asking for.

Why is that documentation important? well, it tells you:

All URLs sent must be publicly available—that is, they must have the same content regardless of who is contributing them. This can only be true if the pages are not behind a log-in, individual session, or other authentication. All URLs sent must have been visited by at least 20 different people, which establishes a distributed quorum similar to k-anonymity.

So no, your website your the website you want will not be indexed by Brave team, it would be automatically indexed by the WDP if it feels you match its criteria, and done.

That’s how it works you like it or not.

Did you even enable the Web Discovery Project in brave://settings/search? or… you didn’t even do that?

Look Emi, I’m just going to be a bit upfront but that is not how to talk to anybody. It can come off very condescending. That is no way to treat a member of the Brave Community. I do not mind you being direct and assertive in your response however your choice of words matter too.

Based on what you said, I’ve got no issues with how it works. I sort of already figured all that out. Thank you for your response and watch how you respond for future reference.

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