Brave's search engine

Any word on Braves search engine, when can we expect to see it in beta?

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I received an invitation today to try Brave Search. All it did was go to a screen saying “Confirming you access status…” and it just sat there. Why do I have a feeling that Brave’s own shields are blocking access to its own search engine? :laughing:

They’re not. If you’re having an issue, perhaps you can open a thread and let us know about it so we can get you squared away?

@structdjm – search beta is active now.


It’s in the beta release now Mattches? I signed up awhile back but never heard back

We had tons of signups and users are being excepted in waves. Appreciate your patience.

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Hello everyone to whom it concerns! I had received an invitation email from Brave to test out the search engine. I clicked the link and followed the trail until I got to the verification page which had a few parts to it.

Unfortunately, I got stuck at this part, in the SS.

I tried twice and sent an email to support which referred me to the community here.

I think you guys will fix this rather easily. Gl.

Still waiting for invite, obviously not happening in order of received signups as I signed immediately

Invite link is not working. Having similar problems as others in here.

Ditto, you’re not the only one.

For anyone having trouble with the invite link, we should have resolved the issue:

If you still can’t authenticate or access Search, please let me know.

Looks good to me, I just was able to access the link after reading this.

Also, are there going to be keywords that make search so useful, like define a d ‘near me’?

Because I can’t wait to get rid of Google out of my life forever, and those features keep me going back to them like a confused battered wife. Uhhgh, someone needs to do it so I can rid myself of them forever. I hope it’s some group brave who won’t be corrupt.

Gl guys and gals.

Finally received my invite today, so far I’m loving Brave search

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Did brave search will also give bat?

I didn’t receive any invitation
I had also registered for early access

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x2… Don’t get any news whatsoever.

Just reporting in on Brave Search. It’s been working well but today it couldn’t find stock quotes for NYSE or NASDAQ or stock quotes in general. I then tried to find Yahoo Finance for quotes and again the search was an unfound no go.

I received an email asking me to join the Brave search early access group on Discord. When I Tried to access it I ran into a problem. A dark page said “Something’s Going on Here”. We detected something out of the ordinary going on. To continue using Discord, we will need you to verify your account. Verify by email or phone. I selected phone and it sent me a number which I entered and then it wanted a password. I am little concerned about giving a password when I don’t have an account activated yet. Is this the standard process for Discord?

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