Menu can not be reached

Menu at bottom of browser can not be reached

Hello @ISH

could you say which platform you use windows linux android ios or what and which version of it and the version also of the brave

and screen shoot would be helpful

thanks and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Android 7.0
Can not get version of brave because menu dose not work
I believe it’s the last one
I have a video screenshot but can’t add it in here as new user

Can you just share a screenshot rather than a video of the issue?

pressing the 3 dots on bottom left (hebrew ver) i get one line of the menu at the bottom and can scroll 3 more lines no more.

Can you try going to Settings --> Appearance --> Enable bottom toolbar and set this option to Disabled and see if you get the same result? Note that you will have to relaunch your browser after changing this setting.

That’s the problem
I can’t get to settings
I can only scroll 3 lines in the menu
I’ll try to uninstall and reinstall the app

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