Android and iOS Brave URL bar and opened tabs


I am a Brave Browser user on Android but would also like to have those features on iOS for consistency.

I really like this browser but one thing is really infuriating to me and that is not being able to move the URL bar to the bottom of the screen while other browsers can.

A lot of other browsers can do that but Brave feels like it’s lacking in that aspect.

I say give us an option to move the URL bar to the bottom of the screen.

If someone has the bottom buttons enabled leave them there and move the URL bar on top of them because that would look a lot better but if someone doesn’t have those buttons on the bottom, just move the URL bar to the bottom normally.

Also another thing - having an option to lock those buttons on the bottom of the screen and the URL bar in place while browsing the web.

And one final thing - give us more designs regarding the opened tabs like Samsungs browser does.

This would empower the user to have more options using this browser, to have more customisability and more power over their browsing experience and for Brave to be even more competitive among all the other options.

I hope my suggestions will be added.