I use an extension called BLUR in Opera to create unique e-mail addresses and passwords for joining sites in order to preserve my identity online. Is it possible to use BLUR with BRAVE? I don’t see it as an extension option. I hope it’s safe as I’ve been using it a while. I’m also not sure I categorized this correctly, please excuse me if I didn’t.

Also, can we open links incognito via BRAVE?

Thanks so much for this great online tool for browsing.


Thank you for the kind words and welcome to Community! :tada:

Brave browser is compatible with any extension compatible with Chromium. I believe the extension you’re looking for can be found here.

You sure can! You can open a Private browsing session from the main menu on the top right, by using the ctrl + shift + n keyboard shortcut, or by right clicking and selecting the option from the context menu:

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I hate G**gle and Chrome and don’t use either. I’m trying to use search engines that avoid them and their trackers as well. If I download from this from the Chrome store, will it attach the extension to Brave? or will it attach to Chrome and Brave will pick it up from there? I have it on my Opera already and that is my default engine right now. Trying to change that over, if you get what I mean.

I have Google as my Brave search engine, and I am happy to report that after almost a week of using just Brave, there is NO adware and NO spyware on my computer anymore. Nothing is getting past the Brave Shield…

Extensions are installed and run in Brave directly. With that said, please note that any time you install an extension, you will be informed of what data that extension can access. Please read these carefully and make sure you download from trusted sources.

How do I install BLUR to BRAVE directly? the link has a button that says “Add to Chrome” so I’m confused.
Thanks for your kindness, clarity and patience.