Enable Extension for Incognito

Chrome offers the option, to “Allow Extension for Incognito”, this is also available for Brave as it runs on Chromium, but when i enable it for a “WebSocket Client” Extension i am using, it opens the site from the extension not in incognito, even if i click on the extension while being in incognito, it opens the site from the extension in a normal new tab.

Thats more of a bug fix than a feature request but i hope you understand what my problem is.

If you go to brave://extensions/ and then click on the details for your extension there is a Allow in Private setting. Is this what you’re looking for?

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bro did you read my problem? This is exactly what i mean, what does not work how i need it… but thanks

I believe it is a deliberate design choice. Most brave:// addresses automatically redirect to a regular window, even if you are using Private with Tor. It avoids people getting confused about what is part of their private session and what isn’t: i.e. changes to settings, extensions, bookmarks, wallet and rewards are not restricted to the private session, and history has nothing to do with private sessions of course. The exception seems to be download history, which I’m guessing is because you can download files in a private session without Brave saving a trace of that download happening.

I just can’t understand you