Does Brave have an extension whitelist feature?

I have my extension, it’s basically some CSS tweaks of websites I use a lot, in Chrome I drop the crx and then add an ID number to the registry and all works well.

Is this possible in Brave? at the moment I can’t use my own extension at all

Are you able to add your extension to Brave at all or no? If you are, can you describe what happens once it’s added? If not, can you describe what happens when you try to add it?

Yes I can add it in developer mode but it’s not usable as it is blacklisted as not coming from the chrome play store, here’s the screenshot

Thanks for the update. After doing a bit of digging, I found that this actually seems to be a known issue:

Looks like it’s gone a bit stale – I’m adding your report as a +1 to the thread and will try to make some noise about getting this resolved. Apologies for the inconvenience – we appreciate your patience.

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Great stuff, thanks very much.

BTW Great browser, I’ve just installed it today for the first time and I already am using it as my main one


Thanks @Hector! Always nice to hear kind words from a new user :slight_smile:
Don’t hesitate to reach out with any further issues or concerns.

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