Brave YouTube tip didn't go to upload

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I sent a tip of BAT to my YouTube channel but it I didn’t received it in uphold. I contacted uphold support but they told me to go to brave support. Because it’s brave issue.

Hi, @Vatsal, there is a known issue with BAT not porting to Uphold. Support is working on it and you can follow their post for updates here:

You may also read this post and follow the instructions, if you think it may be something else:

There seem to be accounts still processing yet, too, so make sure to follow this post, as well, for any updates.

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How tips work in Brave Rewards

When you tip a content creator, a few things happen.

Your tip is sent in the background from your browser to Brave’s servers. This process ordinarily occurs within a few minutes of you pressing “Send Tip”, but under certain circumstances – e.g. a temporary loss of connectivity – it can take longer. As soon as the tip is sent, the amount is withdrawn from your Brave wallet and the tip is reflected in your Brave Rewards screen.

Within ten days of Brave’s receipt of your tip, the content creator you tipped will be able to log into their Brave Creators Portal and see your tip included in their pending payments – the sum of all tips and other contributions from all Brave users.
By the 8th day of every calendar month, Brave pays content creators for all pending tips and contributions.
This system is designed to preserve anonymity – so neither Brave nor any content creator can determine who tipped which content creator – while preventing the possibility of fraudulent use of the token grants distributed to users by Brave.

We are working toward a more immediate payment process, which will reduce the time it takes for a tip to get from your browser to a content creator. Stay tuned; we’ll keep you posted as we make improvements.
Brave Help Center - Tips

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Just to make sure, @Vatsal , did you see the BAT on your dashboard?

Unless it’s a direct tip (1), any contribution/tip will go to your creator account before it paid once a month.

(1) tip was sent from a verified brave:rewards wallet

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