Brave won't open after computer bluescreen (Wins 10)

Brave won’t open after computer bluescreen
Unsure how to reproduce the issue

  1. I have used Brave for quite a while and this morning when I tried to open it, my computer bluescreened. I tried to check event viewer, but it didn’t seem to save any info on it :confused:
  2. When I rebooted my computer, everything seemed to work fine EXCEPT that Brave now no longer opens. It doesn’t even boot in taskmanager.
  3. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling to no avail. I tried booting without the gpu, and I tried setting the user directory to a blank folder as I saw in other help threads, not a single one allowed me to boot.
  4. Checked Google Chrome and Brave Beta and they all worked perfectly fine, however I have important bookmarks and password data I forgot to backup that I really need access to.
  5. I tried to find the AppData local folder for BraveBrowser both before and after reinstalling and there is nothing. There is one for Brave Beta now, but never was for the default browser.
  6. Only thing I have not tried is completely uninstalling and reinstalling while removing profile data, but I fear that will erase all the important data I am trying to get back.

Expected result: I expect it to open lmao

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Additional Information:
If I can just get my bookmarks in some way then I would have no problem reinstalling the browser 100%, but the difficult problem here is that I can’t open the browser to export those and don’t think there is a way to get them from the file tree. Any advice is appreciated

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