Persistent Crashing Issues

Brave has been crashing randomly, with no apparent reason. By crashing, I mean the whole program with all the tabs closing. When I reopen, I then need to restore the tabs. I could be doing anything; reading, writing, watching YouTube videos. I could also be doing nothing, and it still crashes. I have tried disabling all extensions, activated hardware acceleration and the memory saver, turned off dashboard cards, and turned off Windows Defender Firewall. I even checked if it was because I had too many tabs open, but Microsoft Edge was able to run them just fine and Brave still crashed after closing most of them. I have the latest version of Brave. It’s not my RAM either, as this problem persisted before and after I had bought new memory sticks. I feel like I have tried everything to resolve this issue and that my only option now is to use a different browser. This post is basically my final attempt to solve this issue. I hope that there is a way to resolve this, as I do really like this browser.

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