Youtube makes Brave crash

As title says, since a couple days ago loading youtube tabs makes Brave crash.
It seems to happen at random times, but not long after i have opened the browser (think 10-15 minutes).
If i open Brave and go to a youtube tab directly it works just fine for a while, however if i change tabs around and go to other websites and back it will look like its loading for a brief period then it crashes.
Once it has crashed, if i reopen brave and click on restore previous session it will keep on crashing.
Only solution to this is to restart the system entirely.
I tried clearing the cache, temp files, cookies and all that, didnt fix it.
I kept monitoring the memory load, but im nowhere near max memory.

Im on win10, and brave is updated (1.26.77, chromium 91.0.4472.164, official build, 64bit).
I also dont run any plugins.
Any advice?


Can you open a Private Window and use YouTube?

tried in private window, it works, tried in normal window, still works so far

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I guess it fixed itself up.

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i spoke too soon, clicked some of the open youtube tabs at random and it crashed again just now


Can you see if it works properly in a New User Profile? You can create one by click the three lines on the top-right of the screen.

If it works in the New User, I suspect its a problem of an extension, if its still doesn’t work in the New Profile, its a different problem.

Im not using any extension tho.
Should i try a reinstall, or is there something like a file validation process if maybe something is corrupted?

If you don’t have any BATs then do try a reinstallation.

Also if you have any saved Bookmarks and Passwords, do start a Sync Chain from the settings and save the Chain Code somewhere…

i have a quite insignificant amount of BAT as i keep ads to a minimum, like $2 or so in months of use.
ok will try that, does the reinstall remove all my bookmarks, preferences and whatnot?

Yes a reinstall would remove all of it.

BTW you did say it works fine in the Private Tab right?

it does seem to work from a private window, i opened a bunch of youtube videos at random without logging in and it didnt crash so far

Did you try clearing the cache?

yep, didnt really fix it.

I would recommend you to redownload it, but if you don’t setup the Sync properly all the saved stuff can vanish.
And also more importantly, you can connect an Uphold Account only to 4 devices. If you delete and redownload it, it counts as 2 devices.

So wait for an update, may get fixed.

Also try Switching off “Hardware Acceleration” in the settings, may work too

turned off HW accel, restarted, first thing i do is change to the youtube tab and it crashes instantly again. :frowning:
guess i can wait a day or two but if its not solved by brave i’ll have to reinstall it.

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Type brave://crashes in the address bar. Are there any crash reports over there?

yes, three crashes from today, i guess the others were wiped when i cleaned the temporary files and cache

Can you click on those crash reports and provide more details?

Also, please open brave://settings/privacy in the address bar, and enable Help improve Brave's feature and performance option. Next time Brave crashes, open brave://crashes and copy the ID of the crash. Providing that information to developers will get your issue resolved as soon as possible.

IDs are as follows:
I’ve turned on that other stuff you mentioned as well.