Having link or mouse problems

Am having problems(?) opening links with left-clicking

Am having to right-click to open links on many websites and even links on many emails I receive. Is there a setting in Brave that controls whether a left or right click is needed to open links/url’s?

Would like to know how to control how links are opened

I’m having the described issue every day on many sights and email links:

**Am using Dell’s MS Windows 7 Professional with SP1 64 bit and Brave Version 0.64.76 Chromium: 74.0.3729.157 (Official Build) (64-bit) **

Have tried three different mouse models (installing the proper drivers for each) with the same problem (?) persisting. Hoping to find out if what I’m experiencing is normal with Brave or a problem that needs fixing.

Hi @disaksen


I usually only right click on links because I mostly open in new tab.
So I just checked a left click and I can open links with mouse left click.

I’ll be interested in the replies you get.

Hi @disaksen. Thanks for reaching out.

This is really bizarre problem.
Do you always have problems with opening link with Left click or sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t?

It could be that your computer is slow to process the click. You should open task manager(Control+Alt+Del) and check if there is an application that takes a lot of processor time.
If Brave is the problem, try to close as many tabs as you can.


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