Brave Will Not Open After Windows 10 Updates

Browser opens briefly with blank window (although I had many tabs open) then closes after a few moments. I have tried installing latest version over old version but same issue. I haven’t tried to uninstall/re-install as I would like to get all my tabs back and hoping maybe some Windows setting that can be modified.
I tried to roll back win updates - they go through the uninstall routine then reboot windows, yet updates still appear in ‘installed updates’: Security Update for Microsoft Windows (KB5001330) and Update for Microsoft Windows (KB4601554). Servicing Stack also updated but no “uninstall” available to even attempt to roll back.
Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for reaching out. Are you able to open a Private window (using the context menu when you right-click on the icon) or do you get the same results trying to do so?

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Hi, No private window option available on any context menus for Brave icons, shortcuts or exe file. Thanks, Jeff
P.S. Have paused Windows Updates so possibly that’s why not uninstalling properly? Currently installing most recent updates then will try uninstalling the other 2 recent updates I suspect are issue.
Update: probably a mistake to install those latest win updates as now i can’t roll back the previous ones… I think it was re-installing on boot up so I would need to delete from software distrb folder after uninstalling.
As for Brave I tried uninstalling/re-installing and still no luck.

help sometimes must come from one’s self. wasted much time doing windows sys restores as last resort - i’ll spare the gory details but did not go well. and trying to uninstall Brave while saving settings was not fixing the issue.
decided i had to first focus on my session info and open tabs. found those files are in a folder in app data called sessions located @ C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default. those 2 (or more) files can be inserted to Brave on a different PC (and likely Chrome, Edge and Chromium also on different or same PC) same as bookmark files
can be exported/imported between any of those chromium based browsers. So then confident my data was safely backed up, i uninstalled - manually deleted remaining folders - checking in app data, prog data and prog files, prog files x86. uninstalled and re-installed my lan adapter,
rebooted and was able to finally proceed with successful clean install of Brave beta x64 (1st disabling symantec endpoint). so the beta version should automatically report any future issues. i see none of my fav flags have been incorporated yet - Smooth Scrolling, WebUI tab strip, Tab Scrolling, Tab Scrolling Buttons, Tab Hover Card Images (though Tab Search was recently)…
right away it asked if i wanted to enable adobe extension so i removed that as adobe had also updated i noticed earlier and extension may have caused the issue though i don’t think i had it enabled. don’t feel like digging into any logs though.

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